Hunan Sunshine Conference Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Founded in April, 2009, Hunan Sunshine Conference Exhibition Service Co., Ltd (Sunshine MICE), serves as an excellent subsidiary of Hunan Overseas Travel Co., Ltd, specializing in managing conferences and exhibitions. Coming through 11 years of hardening ourselves, it becomes the top ten exhibition enterprises in China. The company now possesses a professional planning and executive team and a number of employees who own more than 10 years of experience in tourism and conference. The company aims to be a partner to customers with great value, and its philosophy is to be professional, dedicated, perfect and innovative. We are in the pursuit of being the most influential service company in the field of organizing conferences and events.

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全球高端制造业大会将于2019年5月13日-16日在中国长沙举行。本届大会主题为“经济高质量 —— 生活更美好”。  大会由著名国际经济组织——亚太总裁协会积极···



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