In 2009, Jiang Yanni, chairman of Hunan overseas tourism, the founder of Sunshine exhibition, found that with the upgrading of tourism services, customers are demanding more and more conference services. In order to provide customers with more professional and extreme conference services, in April of this year, a company named "Sunshine" was born with the beautiful vision of "focus, professionalism, perfection and innovation".

The company takes root in conventions and exhibitions and is based on public relations communication. In the past ten years, Sunshine Exhibition has never given up exploration and never stopped pursuing.There are international conferences, public relations activities and honorary trophies one after another. For Sunshine 10 years, we have trained professional management / planning / creativity / design / media / execution and engineering team. 


In 2018, Hunan overseas tourism joined Macrolink Group, and sunshine exhibition entered a new era of rapid development. New opportunities and challenges, a bigger platform and pattern encourage sunshine angel not to forget the original intention and to forge ahead with firm feet.